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iOS Developer at QoQa.
Mobile trends. UI/UX addicted.


Alexandre Nussbaumer

Hey There, I'm Alexandre Nussbaumer

I'm a mobile and technology enthusiast living in Switzerland. I'm currently working at QoQa SA as a iOS developer, previously I worked within a 360° agency and in the past I co-founded Wicard, an application to discover, store and share your favorite places between friends.
I Have 10 years of experience as a Mobile Developer and I make it my goal to create gorgeous iOS & Android mobile applications with useable and intuitive user interfaces. I am constantly striving to learn and discover new technologies and look to ways to better myself in this rapidly changing industry.
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Some work and projects that I worked on.



Mobile application to have the best experience on QoQa which is the craziest and funkiest place to find great deals each day with a QoQa price



Personal Project - Fancy Fonts to make you Instagram account look more attractive! Create the best Instagram Bio and use it on any other application or social media!



Personal project - Android application to generate hashtags based on images


Nye Sedler

Mobile application with new banknotes from Norges Bank that shows the key security features in Norway's new bank series. The app will help you distinguish a real note from a fake one. By tilting and turning the phone, you will be able to see how the various security features appear on a real note, such as moving the anchor chain, the ring that floats, the watermark with the head of a puff and the security thread in the paper. You will also be able to see fluorescent elements and enlarged display of micro text on the notes.


Nueva familia de billetes

Mobile application to learn about the security features of the new family of Colombian banknotes. Look, touch, lift, turn and check, there are 5 actions that will allow you to recognize through interaction, the security features that have been implemented in the tickets and seeking greater confidence in the public.



Mobile application that allows users to share their favorite places among friends. My role was to develop and supervise the Android and iOS application.


Smartphone4IntEnv 2

Bachelor project - Android application that allows users to capture emotions like joy, anger or sadness based on face expression recognition. A feature based on a hedonometer allows the track of the happiness level and shows up hilarious images to help the user smile and increase his happiness level.



Semester project - Android application thats allows users to receive smart notifications based on the user’s environment. As a example, if the environment is quiet, the notification message will be played vocally.

Career & Education

  • iOS Developer atQoQa

    11 February 2016 - Today

    I proudly became an Otter at QoQa in an iOS Developer position. I'm in charge of developing and maintaining the QoQa iOS mobile application and as well adding new funky features to it.

  • Mobile Engineer atVirtua SA

    17 October 2016 - 31 January 2019

    I worked at Virtua as a mobile engineer. Back then I was in charge of developing and maintaining iOS and Android applications for multiple clients (Chanel, Nespresso, SICPA, ...). Furthermore, I helped developing new tools to improve app development and distribution.

  • Lead Mobile Developer & Co-Founder atWicard

    2014 - 2016 (2 years)

    I co-founded Wicard, an application to discover, store and share your favorite places between friends. For 2 years, I supervised and developed a mobile application both on iOS and Android.

  • School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg

    2010 - 2013

    Bachelor of Applied Science (B.S.) in Telecommunications

  • Vocational School Technology and Art Fribourg

    2005 - 2009

    Federal Certificate of Vocational Education and Training in Electronics

Contact Me

To contact me you canTweet to @nsbmr_alex, send me a nice message onLinkedInor send an email I would much appreciate having a chat with you.